Our Story

TORKARI is a Bengali word that means “Curry” – a home-style Bengali Restaurant that represents Bengal cuisines, specialized in Bhorta, Bhaji, Biriyani, Khichuri & local Homestyle curries. Our objective is to represent the local Bengal`s food culture (East Bengal-Bangladesh & West Bengal-India`s the Bengal States). We try to introduce various food cultures from rural villages through urban cities. If you happen to visit Bengal regions and experienced homestays, you may see the difference in food culture among the Rich, middle class, and poor people.

We try our best to serve storytelling Dishes before you. Each dish you see at “TORKARI” has a reason to serve without customization. Native Bengals or people from the subcontinent who miss their homemade dishes, Japanese or foreigners who never try to Bengal`s original taste, may try at TORKARI. It will be really difficult for us to serve dishes from each reason; however, we try best to serve the common dishes that are available at home or local restaurant. Examples: BHORTA, BHAJI, BIRIYANI, KHICHURI, POROTA, FISH CURRY and Others.