Why You'll Love Torkari

Tasting local Bengal dishes here in Japan. Nuts / Cashew Nuts, Pork and Beef free Restaurant. Communicate in Japanese, English, Bangla, Hindi and Urdu.
Friendly and cozy environment for all level of people (i.e. Business professionals, Family, Friends, Senior, Junior, Male, Female students and Kids)
Free High-Speed Wireless Internet. 4K Projector, big screen (L: 2157mm x H: 1265mm) and Laptop are available for Business, Family, Events and Party use.
You can rent, “TORKARI” as your remote work station; with a very reasonable price (hourly/daily basis). Each Table has Electrical outlets for PC/Mobile.

Our Amenities

  • A reliable Free High-Speed Wi-Fi Facility.
  • Electrical Outlets are available in each Table and Counter Seats.
  • 4K Projector and large size 4K Projector supportive Screen(L: 2157mm x H: 1265mm).
  • We can lend you TORKARI`s Laptop Computer (for Projector Use)
  • Seats are allocated in two different floors (1F:14 Seats and B1F:24 Seats). Total Seats: 38 (1F:6 Counter and 8 Table Seats; B1F:24 Seats)
  • 1F & B1F are equipped with Audio Systems.
  • For Muslims, we can arrange praying space.
  • We accept Credit Card and IC Money.
  • Next to TORKARI, Rental Car Parking Space is available. (Car Pak Space does NOT belong to TORKARI.